Dear Friends of the Manor House:

     The Manor House Preservation Fund (MHPF) was formed as a separate entity from the Evergreen Country Club to help preserve the historic manor house for future generations. The center section of manor house is nearly 200 year old and was once part of the 1024-acre Evergreen Plantation. It is located in a region (from Gettysburg to Charlottesville, an area soon to be designated as the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area) that holds more American history than any other swath of land in the country. The manor house is a landmark for the Club and the Evergreen Farm Community. It is recognized by Prince William County as a Designated Cultural Resource and would qualify for a listing on the National and State Historical Registries and Civil War Trail Signs marker designations.

    The short-term goals of the Manor House Preservation Fund Committee are:

  • Preserve the exterior of the manor house; weatherproof the outside while improving its physical appearance. The committee's opinion is that the club would benefit immediately from an improved appearance by the attraction of new members and additional weddings/functions.
  • Promote the historic significance of the structure through the website, newspaper, etc.
  • Raise money to preserve the exterior.

    The Manor House Preservation Fund has raised over $140K(net) in donations, from donors as far away as California and Florida. The long term goal of the committee is to attract generate interest by the club or outside investors willing to restore the manor house for productive reuse, such as a bed & breakfast (B&B), conference center, etc. The Manor House Preservation Committee feels that the Evergreen Country Club would be a huge beneficiary of a restoration/reuse.

    The Manor House Preservation Fund (MHPF) Committee introduced the Garcia/Leopold group B&B proposal to the ECC Board of Directors. During this time Mr. Garcia completed some of the weatherproofing(exterior winterization) of the building at no cost to the MHPF or to the Club. Because of these events the MHPF voted to take a “wait and see” position with regard to the Garcia/Leopold proposal before starting any of its own exterior work.

    The standpoint of the MHPF is that the $140K+ (net) in donations/activities fees raised by the MHPF should not be used by the MHPF on preservation work that will need to be redone by Garcia/Leopold if the proposal is to be accepted by the club. Furthermore, if the Club accepts the proposal the funds will be transferred to the Garcia/Leopold restoration/reuse effort and directed to the Manor House exterior preservation work. We feel that this best reflects the wishes of the donors and it will maximize the return. Also, it is the position of the MHFP to further support the Garcia/Leopold B&B Proposal to ensure its success, by holding additional fundraisers, concerts, etc. The MHPF, however, is not involved in either the evaluation process or in addressing the hurdles, such as zoning, tax credits, etc. This is a process that is being worked out between the Garcia/Leopold group and the ECC Board of Directors.

The Manor House Preservation Fund Committee


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